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About Tony Bosma

Tony Bosma (1973) is one of the best futurist's and trend watchers of The Netherlands and is known as a top public speaker. On a daily basis Tony publishes on his popular weblog Extend Limits. He shares his vision about the future in (traditional) media and advices and challenges top management in governments and public organizations and institutions.

Unlike many other trend watchers he focuses on really disruptive developments and trends. He is able to merge different trends and developments to a future worldview and translates this view back to our current challenges. He will show you the uniqueness of the era we live in. A world where social awareness, technology and the decay of our traditional systems demand a different worldview, organization and mindset. It is disrupt or be disrupted.

Tony Bosma is known for his visually appealing, inspiring and confronting keynotes. His presentations are always updated with the latest insights and information and stretch everyone’s way of thinking. In a mix of sound, images and spot on quotes Tony addresses our challenges and pushes people to think and act differently. Tony is a public speaker based in the Netherlands but sharing his vision during presentations around the world.

Tony is often invited to talk about for example the future of finance, health, education, governments, technology/internet, transport, insurance, marketing, security, media and work.


It is not a zeitgeist of change. We live through a change of zeitgeist


Tony Bosma is the founder of Extend Limits. On a daily basis he publishes at Extend Limits and major Social Media websites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. He publishes news and reflections related to trends, future, society, technology, organisation and innovation.


Extend Limits

Extend Limits is a consulting organization founded by leading Dutch trendwatcher and futurist Tony Bosma. Extend Limits discusses and analyses the latest trends and developments and translates them to the several industries Extend Limits works for. The organization is know for it’s challenging future insights and unique approach towards trend watching. The organization helps companies and governments to shape their own future by translating trends and developments to business opportunities.

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The Extend Limits Facebook page is used to share daily inspirational pictures and quotes. Looking for some out-of-the box impulses or confronting pictures and quotes? Please visit the Extend Limits Facebook page. Never a dull moment here and enough to trigger and stretch your way of thinking

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Connect with people who are actively involved with trends and future thinking and become a member of the Extend Limits LinkedIn group. The members are connected to each other and share thoughts and knowledge via the Extend Limits LinkedIn group. Tony Bosma uses the group to backchat about trends and topics he is working on. Please help us think about the future and trends and become a member.

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Inspiring, appealing, confronting keynotes.


In need of an inspiring, appealing and confronting keynote to start or end a conference, event or brainstorm day? Please contact us.

Tony Bosma delivers futuring keynotes covering a wide range of topics like marketing, economy, society, technology, communication, innovation, management, organisation and trends and trendwatching. The presentations will have the latest groundbreaking trends, facts and figures, developments and cases. They challenge your way of thinking. All keynotes contain movies and audio. So never a dull moment!

Organisations Tony Bosma worked for are: Rabobank, European Commission, Swedish Ministry of Innovation, Dutch ministery of Economic Affairs, ABN AMRO, DENSO, ING, several hospitals, Achmea, Sanoma, Dutch Police, DB Schenker Logistics, AMS-IX.


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